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Friday, March 24, 2006

WPT Offers Father's Day Present Ideas


For dad this Father's Day, you can't go wrong if you pick poker. However, cards and chips are just the starting point. The World Poker Tour has gone "All-In" with an array of branded merchandise that will bring a smile to dad's face.

Here's a brief look at what's coming for Father's Day and where you can get it:

For Mobile Phones, PDAs and Wireless Devices

From MFORMA -- World Poker Tour® 7-Card Stud Wireless Game. (SRP is approximately $4-$6/month but varies with carrier.) -- MFORMA, has added World Poker Tour: 7 Card Stud to its first title, World Poker Tour: Texas Hold 'Em, launched last summer, one of MFORMA's most popular titles of all time. MFORMA's new WPT 7 Card Stud incorporates the best features of Texas Hold 'Em, plus exciting new enhancements that advance the entire category of mobile casino games. Just like WPT Texas Hold 'Em, WPT 7 Card Stud features six-person real time multiplayer, online leaderboards, global rankings and customizable profiles. New for WPT 7 Card Stud, MFORMA has enhanced the artificial intelligence, which now presents distinct player personalities for an added layer of intrigue. This enables players to become familiar with tournament regulars and their playing styles as they progress through game modes on their way to winning a WPT title. World Poker 7 Card Stud also has advanced multiplayer capability, including the six-person, real-time multiplayer action that made Texas Hold 'Em such a hit. Players can login and play online with players from all over the world. A leaderboard keeps track of all player chip totals and rankings and players can see the overall leaders as well as the other players immediately surrounding their position. During online play, players will be matched up with players of similar ranking. As your poker playing skills improve, your ranking rises, and you will be matched up with more challenging opponents. Players can play in weekly tournaments with fixed buy-in and pre-determined winnings. Tournaments are single table only with the top finishers splitting the purse. Available from most major US mobile phone service carriers.


-Dad will be cookin' with Two Dog Designs' Designer WPT BarbeQue GrillCovers™. (SRP: $29.95 to $59.95, depending on size.) Bet on the durability of this handsomely designed, high quality grill cover, made of heavyweight polyester. Waterproof and weather resistant covers have PVC lining and velcro enclosures to give a grill added protection. Available in three sizes: 26" fits most dome and portable grills; 45"-54" fits most mid-sized cart-style grills; 55"-72" fits most large cart-style grills. The World Poker Tour logo is infused into the fabric for vibrancy and wearability.

-Two Dogs' Matching WPT BBQ Utensils & Carrier is a unique and useful barbecue accessory you can wager will be put to good use. (SRP: $19.95) Zippered carrier with World Poker Tour logo is durable, heavyweight polyester, with a flap that folds into the case to protect the tools inside: tongs, fork, and spatula.

-And to make sure there's plenty of soda and beer going down during the barbecue, you'll want the Talking Bottle Opener from Pacific Direct. (SRP:$9.75 ) This fun item, which features four soundbites from the WPT show including the signature opening, is a great conversation starter at the party.

Now if you really want to upscale the party, consider WPT Bar Mirrors from Head West. (SRP: Ranges from $39.99 to $59.99). These creative and fun decorative bar mirrors that "reflect" the spirit of the WPT are perfect for bar or game rooms.


-Get up to speed with the WPT Seat Cover, Steering Wheel Cover, CD Visor Organizer, Car Seat Cushion, Sun Shade and Sun Cutter from Shell Auto Accessories. (Priced from $1.99 to $19.99) These fun products make dad feel like a real Ace when he's motoring about town. Available at auto supply stores, drugs stores, supermarkets, discount stores and mass merchandisers.

Dad's Home Game

-When having your own poker table isn't an option, there's the World Poker Tour® Portable Poker Mats from Game-Matic, Inc.—a perfect solution. (SRP $69.95.) These high-quality, super wear-resistant mats bear the WPT logo and either the phrase "No Limit Texas Hold'Em" or "Shuffle Up and Deal." They can instantly turn any level surface into a functional poker table. The WPT Mats are made of absorbent material, are spill proof, machine washable, lightweight and ultra-thin for easy packing, and feature non-slip protective rubber backing. They pack up into a compact carrying case with strap, and include a bonus CD-Rom containing the WPT rules and regulations. Sizes include 18" x 36", 24" x 40" and 24" x 45".

-From The United States Playing Card Company -- World Poker Tour® Premium Poker Set. (SRP/Under $89.99) -- Your home game can serve up some style with this WPT Premium Poker Set. The set comes complete with six wood and cork beverage coasters emblazoned with the WPT logo! Packed conveniently in a handsome wooden chest for poker at home or on the go, the World Poker Tour Premium Poker Set features two removable trays containing 300 heavyweight clay-filled 11.5 gram WPT chips – the true poker player's chip--two decks of Premium WPT Bee cards and a nickel finish metal dealer button.


If Dad's got a passion for both pinball and poker, than he'll be tickled pink with Stern Pinball's WPT Pinball Machine, perfect for hours of boisterous play with the whole family. (SRP $4,499). The full sized pinball machine, which pictures the show hosts on its video screen, lets players shoot cards on 16 drop targets to make card hand combinations. Competitors vie to reach the simulated WPT World Championships™ by virtually traveling city to city playing Texas Hold 'Em on the World Poker Tour.

-World Poker Tour® Video Game (SRP.19.99 for PSP) --2K Sports, is expanding its line of World Poker Tour games for video play with its new version for the PSP™ PlayStation®Portable) systems. World Poker Tour for PSP features real-life professional poker stars and venues showcased in the WPT TV series with enhanced artificial intelligence players, customizable characters and online capabilities compatible with PlayStation®2 consoles. Online connectivity is a major part of playing World Poker Tour for PSP. Gamers will have the ability to connect wirelessly with other PSP systems or online to compete against players across the country on both the PSP and the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. New enhancements to World Poker Tour for PSP include a completely new and innovative artificial intelligence system that allows gamers to challenge more than 1,200 different characters, all with their own unique playing styles and behaviors. Gamers who are able to bump up their career earnings can unlock custom clothes, accessories, and invitational events found only in the PSP version. Players can also create more than 4,000 custom variations of poker, and choose to play against computer opponents or take their custom poker game online to battle for poker supremacy. Available at video game retailers.

WPT Books & Instruction

-From HarperCollins—World Poker Tour: In the Money by Antonio Esfandiari. (SRP: $15.95.) You don't have to be a WPT tournament player to come out ahead in poker. Cash games are the most commonly played style of Hold'em in casinos, home games and online. This follow-up to WPT: Shuffle Up and Deal and WPT: Making the Final Table from poker professional Antonio Esfandiari, with contributions from other stars of the World Poker Tour provides the next level of poker strategies and insights educating today's poker players on the secrets of non-tournament play. This is a "must have" for all poker enthusiasts. Available at booksellers nationwide, and World Poker

-If your dad secretly harbors a desire to make a World Poker Tour Final Table, or just to clean out his buddies at the weekly poker game, the two-day WPT Boot Camp? is perfect. (Cost: $1,695) It's a chance to learn directly from poker champions and the WPT hosts. A fantasy camp for poker enthusiasts, WPT Boot Camp is designed to give amateurs an intensive emersion in poker strategy over a weekend. Camp attendees are tutored on all aspects of competitive tournament Texas Hold'Em Poker. Coursework is carefully constructed to compress poker's learning curve. Sessions feature an integrated curriculum that includes live lectures, archived WPT video footage, game play, and personal secrets from poker superstars. Students receive hands-on training filled with tips and tools to help them better understand the "tells," "reads," and strategies integral to improving their game. For starters, students learn to identify their unique skills and the skills of opponents. They then explore the mathematics of poker, followed by instruction specific to Texas Hold'Em. Lastly, students get tutelage on how to approach tournament play. The core of instructors is made up of select World Poker Tour® tournament champions and WPT television commentator Mike Sexton. Each WPT Boot Camp limits enrollment to only 60 students so the learning experience is maximized. Seats can be reserved at WPT Boot or by calling 866-WPT-BOOT.

Dad's Personal Attire

If he's worth his weight in gold, then by all means consider either of two powerful and stunning 14K gold men's ID bracelets from Roberto Martinez Jewelry. The newest pieces of The World Poker Tour® Collection feature a gold bar with either diamonds spelling out WPT or arranged in the shape of a spade. The bars are attached to handsome heavyweight interlinked chain. (Price for WPT bracelet: $2,250. Price for Spade bracelet: $1.225.) Available at World Poker and Tutto at Bellagio.

Many of these items can also be purchased on the WPT webstore at World Poker, along with a full line of other products including: cards, chips, poker sets, card shufflers, handheld games, apparel, lingerie, boxer shorts, hats, wristbands, headbands, women's jewelry, DVDs, books, artwork, housewares, wall clocks, decorative tabletop clocks, alarm clocks, wrist watches and candy, as well as WPT brand novelty items such as magnets, antenna toppers and key chains.

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    Best Gambling Guide for online gambling reviews, best gambling bonuses, gambling games, and gambling tips. Our gambling guide features

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