Blackjack Gambling Online

Blackjack has proved its mettle as the most popular and well recognized modern Casino game. Simply put, this is the game between you and the dealer. When the game is on, Blackjack cards are dealt from a deck of cards called a shoe. Traditionally a shoe may contain anything from one standard 52-card deck to 6 such decks. Our Blackjack gambling online version is also played exclusively with a single 52-card deck. Because, we would like to offer you the best possible chances of winning. The object of Blackjack is to obtain a hand with the highest possible value without exceeding 21. All face cards i.e. Kings, Queens and Jacks have a value of ten and the Aces can have a value of one (1) or eleven (11). The moment you start playing Blackjack gambling online, you will be presented with the Blackjack table. The default minimum bet will already be placed on the table. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing now! 

We offer you the most flexible Blackjack gambling online for you. Do you want to increase and decrease the amount you wish to wager? Not a hassle. Just maneuver the increase and decrease button according to your need and the job is done. The size of the column of Casino chips will also change as you do this. You have to decide on the size of your bet to kick off the game packed with unlimited excitement and fun. The moment you click on the deal button, the dealer will deal you two cards and deal himself one card. As soon as the last card is dealt you will be able to decide whether to hit (take another card) or stand (stay). If your first two cards dealt to you are an Ace and a card of value ten then you have Blackjack and unless the dealer has an Ace or Ten you automatically win the game and are paid out 2.5 times your original bet. 

The Blackjack gambling online rule are very simple to follow. Our version of Blackjack gambling online is played with a single deck of cards, which is shuffled after the completion of every hand or game. You are allowed to draw up to nine additional cards (i.e. a total of 11 cards) as long as the value of your hand does not exceed 21. If you go over 21 this is called a 'bust' and you automatically lose the hand. If you have not yet exceeded 21 after receiving eleven cards you will automatically stay and the dealer will play his hand. The dealer must stand on all 17 and draw on 16. If the Dealer gets Blackjack after you have Split or Doubled your entire wager including the original and double or split amounts are lost. Face cards i.e. the Jack, Queen and King all carry a value of ten in Blackjack. To add to your excitement, we have launched action-packed Multi-hand Blackjack gambling online. Here you get to play up to 5 hands at once. You are dealt up to 5 hands of cards and play all your hands against the dealer's single hand.

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