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New to online gambling? Just need to brush up a little? Learn what you need to know with gambling online help and rules guides before you choose an online casino and spend real money. Online gambling is a new industry that has gained popularity over the past several years. As with any other industry there are the good and the bad. We have put together a few tips for wading through the hundreds of online casinos out there. Another test for an online casino is payout certification. The industry standard has become an audit by an independent third party. The auditor reviews the server logs of the online casino and determines the ratio of net winnings to net losses (usually over a one month period). The online casino will almost always have their most current report published on their web site. There are of course other things to consider before choosing a casino such as, security measures for financial transactions and the quality of customer service. Many methods are often used for financial transactions at online casinos to insure secure transactions.

Gambling online is legal. For example, Antigua allows online gambling and has issued licenses to online casinos. Kahnawake, a Mohawk Territory in Canada, also licenses online casinos. The situation in the United States is a little more complicated. The US Senate, led by Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, has been moving forward with legislation that will make most forms of online gambling illegal -- including gambling at online casinos. How this will be enforced if it ever becomes law is unclear. The proposed legislation targets casino operators, not the average person gambling from their home. In contrast, Nevada is considering legislation that would allow Las Vegas casinos such as Caesar's Palace and Harrah's to legally operate online casinos. Some online casinos are not accepting wagers from United States residents until the laws are clarified. Even so, some estimates indicate that up to 90% of online gamblers are in the US.

Legitimate casinos like ours don't need to operate crooked games to make a profit. There's enough profit built-in with the house edge and player mistakes. Many casinos advertise that their games are tested for fairness. Most casinos have their payouts audited by some of the biggest accounting firms in the world. Audit reports are often visible on their website, casino tutorials also provides you with the links to these reports. But be warned that there are a few dishonest casinos out there. The most common complaint we hear from players is that some online casinos are slow to pay out winnings. In a few cases, casinos have not paid out at all. But rest assured ours is the fairest and most honest gambling online. You only have to download the casino software once. Once it is installed and on your computer system you can play at the casino whenever you find time.

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