Video Poker Odds

Video Poker odds are very similar to regular poker odds. You will find the similarity very striking especially when it comes to probability of receiving a particular hand. Video Poker is also like straight poker in that there are many variants found. So what are the main factors that determine whether or not you will walk away a winner? First, like in Blackjack, you must play perfect strategy. The strategy you would employ for a Jacks or better machine is different from the one for a Deuces Wild game, and so on. If you are already an avid player, and are interested in becoming better, our video poker experts are ready to help you achieve your goal. The second main factor that figures into your expectation for winning is the game's payout schedule. Some video poker games offer a much better return rate than others. But, unlike their one-armed counterparts, it is easy to spot which machines are high-paying thanks to the conveniently placed pay table displayed on each game. 

When you are searching for the best Video Poker odds, either in land based or online casino, you should keep an eye on the pay schedules. In this context we would like to share some tricks with you. If you see a Jacks or better game that shows a Full House pays 9 units, and a Flush pays 6, then you know the return rate for that particular game is approximately 99.5%, making it a solid bet. Ideally, you should look for a machine that is 10/7 or 9/7as this is the best bet. You know why? These machines have a payout percentage over 100. But this doesn't necessarily indicate that they actually pay out more than they take in. Casinos aren't in the game to give out more than they take in. Even with a mix of high and low-paying games, casino operators know the machines that return over 100% will still generate profit for them because not everyone who plays them is an expert. 

With the best Video Poker odds, play like a champion. You will soon be counted among the elite group of players who are skilled enough to play with a positive expectation of winning. Once you have mastered the basic strategy for a type of video poker, and find a high-paying machine, then you can expect to make money in the long run. Online casinos always offer bets with multiple denominations, generally having a range that includes quarter, fifty-cent, dollar, two-dollar, five-dollar and sometimes even ten and twenty dollar betting units. There is a variety among video poker machines just like there is with slots. But, you should always remember that the lower-paying 8/5 video pokers are likely to be more common. Some casinos don't even feature the 9/6 variety. And, you definitely won't see any at bars, strip clubs, or the airport. It's what will give you the positive expectation to win and what will make playing more fun!

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