Video Poker Stategey

The critics have finally come to the conclusion that if you are to name a name that can be favored to the player in the casino, it's has to be video poker. The only way you can get the edge out of the house's favor and get into your own is to play with the most viable video poker stategey on the right machine. Here we would like to introduce with some extremely effective video poker stategey. Thanks to this stategey, you can learn how to play and up the return percentage of specific video poker machines. The stategey we have mentioned here are pretty straightforward and very easy to try. If you can use this method properly, it can up the return percentage to nearly cent percent. Some strategies have delved even deeper. They represent an ideal strategy for full pay deuces wild video poker. We have employed renowned experts to work out the strategies mathematically to average a very healthy return. 

Before you start using our video poker stategey, we would like to remind you that a million factors contribute to a player's ability to utilize a strategy perfectly. You can miss a hold or play something wrongly due to fatigue, casino distractions or your own bad memory. So we would like to request you not to get too weighed down by the 'perfection' of a video poker strategy. Most strategies are written to compromise a bit of accuracy for added usability. We have tried our best to maintain a good balance between ease of understanding, and quality in our video poker stategey. Let's discuss the first video poker strategy called better video poker strategy. If you employ he strategy on a full pay machine, we will assure you that it will result in an expected return of over 99%. This video poker strategy is altered to be easier to use and ideal for achieving higher return percentage.

We couldn't control the temptation to introduce you with another popular video poker stategey called Deuces Wild Strategy. Experts say that it is more complex that the better video poker strategy. It is the outcome of a mathematically elegant approach to Deuces Wild full pay machines. This optimal video poker strategy has the power to achieve an over 100% return percentage when used perfectly. To determine the best play, you should keep an eye on the concerned list depicting the number of deuces hold, provided you never discard a deuce. Then look for the highest playable hand on the list. We give you a small example; if you have both a pair and four to a flush you would keep the pair because it is higher on the list. The numbers on the right represent the expected return, which can vary depending on the discards. So what are you waiting for? Arm yourself with the best video poker stategey and go ahead.

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