Video Poker Stratagey

You want to get the absolute maximum out of every video poker session - there is nothing wrong in it. But to get the best out of a video poker session, you have arm yourself with the best video poker stratagey. Because, when you will be faced with a hand that could be played more than one way, you will feel the lack of a video poker stratagey. Before getting into the detail of the nuances of the various video poker games, we would like to stress on the two basic rules. Firstly, you have to always play for five coins and secondly, you should always try to play machines with the good payoffs. Five coins are necessary to clinch the full royal flush jackpot; even though you only hit the jackpot on average once every 30,000 or 40,000 hands, it still pays enough to make this about 2.5% of your total return. Straight flushes, in contrast, account for only about 0.5% of your total return. 

But at the same time, you should not stress too strongly on the need of paying machines with the correct pay table, cannot be stressed too strongly. Some casinos will set the payoffs on certain hands lower than the standard pay and this can increase their total take by up to ten times what it would normally average for the same amount of play. But they risk the amount of play falling off if players refuse to play the lower-paying machines. Video poker payouts are shown on the front of the machine. Better-paying machines usually pay equal or better in every single category than the lower-paying machines. Players that ignore the payout tables are the greedy casino's legitimate prey. Another viable video poker stratagey would be to join a slot club. These clubs are marketing tools that the casinos use to build loyalty and to identify their best customers.

There is a very positive aspect of this video poker stratagey that advocates joining of a slot club. Because, in return, they offer prizes, which generally amount to about 1/5th of a percent of the amount, you gamble. You can even win more if you win more if you place a high value on tee shirts and coffee mugs. If you are willing to spend an entire trip gambling at a single casino, you may find you have triggered their often secret threshold that makes you eligible for much more significant freebies, like free rooms or meals, on that trip or the next. However, you should never stick with a slot club if it leaves you gambling on an inferior machine. In our video poker stratagey, we have tried to focus simple yet effective factors that matter a lot is you want to win all the time. So for stay at the top for a long time, just follow our strategy and success will follow you soon

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