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by Thomas Barrington

Baccarat is not a mainstream game because not that many people know exactly how to play it. The game is really popular among Asian cultures and has similar rules to blackjack, just in a different scheme.

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Simple Baccarat Rundown
The object in this game is to get as close to 9 as you possibly can. If, within your first two cards, you get a 9, it is similar to a blackjack. That is the best possible hand. Next to a natural nine, as described above, comes a natural eight. That means that you get an eight on your first two cards.

The value of each card is a follows; aces count as 1, face cards as 10 and numbered card are at face value. Therefore, if you get a face card within your fist two cards, your hand will likely be a loser. If you get too low of a number, you will have to take another card which will change your hand considerably.

If you get have a really low number even after you have hit, you cannot take another card. Baccarat is limited to three cards, so you are stuck with your hand. These rules are a little condensed, but they are the basics and should be built upon before serious play.

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