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by Thomas Barrington

Of all card games, blackjack is the most popular. It offers the best odds and has strategies that enable you to have a better chance to take the house for everything. Blackjack is the most studied and examined game by players worldwide.

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The Simple Rules
The basic idea behind Blackjack is that everyone is playing against the house. The only bearing the person next to you has is if he plays his cards correctly. You can still be a winner while everyone else at the table loses.

The objective is to reach as close to 21 without going over as you can. If you get an ace and a card with a value of ten, you have hit a blackjack. Most casinos will pay your 1.5 to 1 odds for that win. If you do not get an initial 21, than you can take as many cards as you want until you hit 21 or above.

Being that the objective is to get better than the dealer, he also has rules he must follow. The dealer must hit on anything below a hard 17. That means if you have a 14 and the dealer has a 16, the dealer must hit, but you don't have to. Therefore, he is at risk of going over 21.

These are just a simple set of blackjack rules for a short information session. If you are going to wager large amounts of money, you should study up a little more.

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