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by Thomas Barrington

Craps is among the most complicated of board games in any casino. It is a dice game that plays the odds of rolling a 7 or 11. Before you decide to play craps, it is wise to read the rules and strategies provided by the casino of your choice, online or not.

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Oh Crap, Another Craps
Rolling a craps is only a good thing if it is on the first roll. That is when the whole table wins. If it is rolled after the first roll, the table will lose.

When a new roller is introduced, you put your money on the push line. After the first roll, if it is not a 7, you can start betting inside. The odds are usually posted on inside betting, plus the minimum amount you can bet inside.

I know this sounds very confusing without seeing it in action. That is why you should look at the instructions the casino offers your before you play. It is always a good idea to have someone who has played before help you out.

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