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Online Casino Blackjack
by Thomas Barrington

Online casino blackjack is offers you Vegas style blackjack from your home computer. You get the same odds, the same excitement and the same game that you would if you were actually in Las Vegas. All of this from you home or work computer (basically wherever you have internet access).

Playing Online Casino Blackjack
Online casino blackjack is the same game that you play in any physical casino. The odds are made so that you have the same chances of hitting each card as you do with physical cards. This means that you are playing the EXACT same game from wherever you want.

Internet casinos use real money. It is not like playing blackjack on your home PC. While you are playing the same game, you are not playing for money. The funds that you win or lose are real, so be careful on getting too far down (but you should play to win).

If you do not understand the rules of blackjack completely, most sites offer a tutorial. The odds of each play are described all on one site. Although you should have someone who has played before explain it to you, having a quick reference is never a bad thing.

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