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by Thomas Barrington

Poker is among our nations oldest gambling games. You cannot find a western movie that does not include poker in at least one scene. It is exciting, stimulating and can even be lucrative.

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Learn the Rules before You Hit the Table
Poker is a game of odds and calculations. I would warn everyone not to dare put money down at a poker table without at least knowing all the rules. You will get taken for all your money. No one playing with their money against you is going to help you win.

Let's face it, poker is a cut throat game. It is as much of a mind game as it is an intellectual game. It can make you lots of money or break the bank, depending on your luck and skills.

Poker is known as a game to be played with multiple people, and now that it is offered online, you don't have to be in the same room. If you like games that are mentally stimulating where you are constantly learning, then poker is for you. If you just like watching the wheels spin, stick to slots.

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