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Video Poker
by Thomas Barrington

Who has been to Las Vegas and never sat and played video poker? It is one of the universally fun games that are played with ease and relaxation. You know the rules and payouts as they are plastered on the screen.

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Everyone Loves Video Poker
Video poker is a game for anyone who hasn't mastered their poker skills but would like to learn without losing money. In fact, I have witnessed more beginners luck with video poker than any other game. It is as simple as it is fun.

The way video poker works is that you are just playing to get a high hand. Depending on the style you are playing, you usually get paid out on a pair of jacks or better. The computer automatically pays winners even if you did not realize you won.

You are not playing against anyone, so if you hand is a winner, you get paid. It is a great way to learn what beats what in poker while not losing all your money (and possibly winning). This is not a game that requires too much research and practice before you jump in.

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