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Affordable Poker Chips
by Thomas Barrington

Affordable poker chips do not mean that you have to buy the bottom of the barrel plastic chips. There are great, high quality chips on the market that do not break the bank. Any poker player who has used the common plastic chips then moved on to clay (casino style) will recognize the difference.

Classy Yet Affordable Poker Chips
Just because you are looking for affordable poker chips does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality. Sure, there are chips that are very expensive and top of the line. They rival Vegas casinos for craftsmanship and design. But those are arguably overpriced and not necessary for friendly games of poker. There are perfect chips that are close in quality but far off in price.

As you probably know, the best chips are made out of clay. This gives them the heavy and solid feel that you are looking for. They have balance and stature. But they do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. In all honesty, a vast majority of players would not know the difference between nice clay chips and top of the liners. There is just not that much room to improve.

Every level of poker chip is going to have a variety of colors. In most cases, you can order a specific coloring to be applied. Big stakes gamblers can get five colors while the rest of us generally only need three colors. For under a hundred dollars, you can get casino quality chips in a nice case.

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