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Assorted Colors Of Poker Chips
by Thomas Barrington

Assorted colors of poker chips refers to the vast arrays of different designs that people can choose from. While the traditional colors or red white and blue are still in play, the higher quality chips give you more to choose from. You can choose from pre-designed chips or even customize the colors to suit your liking.

Assorted Colors Of Poker Chips Give Your More Options than You Need
When you go shopping for poker chips, you are going to see many different styles, designs and colors. This allows players to have the exact chips that they want. While some people still decide to buy plastic chips, the classier clay versions have the most varieties and styles.

Since assorted colors of poker chips cover such a huge selection, I will start with the classic clay designs. These are solid colors with small stripes on the outside. There are many colors to choose from but the standard five tend to be red, white, green, black and blue. These chips are classic in design and feel.

Multicolor chips are also coming into play. Instead of a white stripe on the classic design, they might have a few colored stripes. This adds a little style and variation to your game. If you want to customize your chips, you can select the colors and have them specifically made. While this is not a bad idea, most people are fond of the designs set out by the manufacturer.

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