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Baccarat Felt Layouts
by Thomas Barrington

Baccarat felt layouts enable gamblers who are space sensitive to transform just about any table into a baccarat table. Not too many people have the flexibility to have a permanent poker table in their house at all times. In fact, many of us don't even have the space for a fold up table.

The beauty of felt layouts is that you can fold them up just like a sheet. Just about everyone can find a nice safe place to store a sheet sized item. Then, when it is time to get your game on, just pull it out and unfold it. Place the felt layout right over your table and secure it as necessary. It gives you that professional look and feel without the problems with space or cost.

Baccarat Felt Layouts are designed just like the felt cover that you see on a table in Vegas. This is because they are designed to be almost exactly the same. Having a table cover can help you game run much smoother. Organizing the cards and money can be difficult in a dealer oriented game such as Baccarat when you do not have the proper table. Layouts keep everything in order and correct.

Multipurpose Baccarat Felt Layouts
Baccarat layouts can be used for more than just this one exciting game. Think about the design of baccarat tables in comparison to blackjack tables. They are extremely similar because the games are played in the same order and manner. Plus, as with most felt layouts, you can get a second game on the back. This means that you can use your Baccarat layout for blackjack as well as craps or roulette.

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