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Blackjack Felt Layouts
by Thomas Barrington

Blackjack felt layouts let you turn any table into a blackjack table. We all love the feel of sitting at a nice felt blackjack table with everyone facing the dealer. It gives us a sense of authenticity and allows us to have the true Vegas feeling even though we are at home.

Blackjack Felt Layouts Bring the Casino to You
Blackjack felt layouts are convenient and easy to use. Since the design is taken right off of the tables in Vegas, it will look as though you are at a real table. The betting spaces are the same and each player is properly spread out. The dealer will have ample room to handle the money and cards to run a smooth game.

The layout itself is simply going to be made out of top of the line felt. It will be durable, foldable, storable and cleanable. You can put it on just about any table that has enough surface area. It will instantly turn your dining room table into a full scale blackjack table. Then, when the game is over, you can just pack it up and go back to normal.

Blackjack is not one of the gambling games that require you to have a layout in order to play. Betting is relatively standard and simple. Each player is betting on one space for each hand. But, the game just seems to be more real when you have a real table in front of you. Having a designated place to put your cards, your chips and your double down brings out a true authentic feeling.

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