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Blackjack Tables
by Thomas Barrington

Blackjack tables are designed for the dynamics of a player versus house type of game. The table is going to be either in a half circle or a similar shape. This will give the dealer the flat edge to handle the cards and the money while letting the players all sit an equal distance from him.

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In a game like blackjack, the table makes a big difference. The dealer needs to have access to the entire table as well as complete control. Since it is everyone versus the dealer, he must be able to keep an eye on every card and every chip. This makes it important for the table to be in a position of power.

Qualities of Blackjack Tables
Blackjack tables range in physical sizes, but generally are able to seat six players and have seven gamble (not including the dealer position). The top of the table is felt. This is the ideal surface for card games because of its texture and absorption abilities. Plus, it gives the table a classy look.

Each player is going to have a betting spot in front of them. This is where you put your money before each hands and where the cards will be dealt. The armrests in front of the players will be padded, but most tables will not have an armrest for the dealer. If you are hosting a game where drinks will be served, getting a table with cup holders is a must. There are two heights for general tables; one to seat people in standard chairs and one for stools. If you are planning on having a few people stand while playing, getting stool height is recommended.

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