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Casino Poker Chips
by Thomas Barrington

Casino poker chips are specially made for each individual casino. They are designed to be very hard to duplicate in every aspect. If individuals could duplicate them successfully then their worth would be nothing as the casino could not verify which chips are real and which are fake. This means that the chips that are used at casinos are going to be very expensive.

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The casino has many different types of poker chips. At the poker tables (not blackjack and such), they have a variety of different colors and styles. The general color is going to be worth a dollar (each casino will have a chip that is given out at buy in). At casinos in Las Vegas, you can also use chips from outside games. They must be from the casino that is hosting the poker and are going to be worth more than one dollar.

Casino Poker Chips for Your Home Games
It is possible for individuals to get casino poker chips for at home play. You can feel the quality and see the prestige. Many people around the US are very serious about their poker games. Everything has to be professional because it is just the right way to play. Consistent poker players should have a set of high quality chips at their disposal.

There are different places that you can find these high quality chips. Retail stores that carry them are not going to have a superb selection and are known to overprice. The real deal is buying online. You can get any quality, style, color and weight of casino grade poker chips delivered to your home. Plus, when you buy this type of chip online, you are going to get a high class carrying case to stow and store your chips.

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