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Casino Style Poker Table With Dealer Position
by Thomas Barrington

A casino style poker table with dealer position is the exact layout that you see in casinos. They are designed to comfortably and equally seat each player with the dealer having more room and chip containers. People who host dealer oriented poker games at their homes should heavily consider this style of table.

Advantages of the Casino Style Poker Table With Dealer Position
When you look at a dealer position at a table in a casino, you notice that it is strategically placed in the middle of an oval shaped space. This is so that the dealer can easily distribute and collect the cards from any spot on the table. When you play on full size tables, if you have a dealer at the long end, they are going to have to reach or throw the cards a great distance in order to deal.

In games like Texas Hold Em, the dealer will remain in the same seat but the "dealer" button will rotate. This is to keep track of the blinds and betting order. With the non-playing dealer in a set position in the middle of the table, he can move the buttons accordingly and keep the game flowing. Therefore it is important for games where the dealer is not playing hands to have a casino style poker table with dealer position.

Just because there is a dealer position does not mean that you have to have a set dealer. If you are ever going to play games where there is a stationary dealer, it is a good idea to get this table. It is wise to leave your table open for the option a dealer position for games that you might need it.

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