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Cheap Clay Poker Chips
by Thomas Barrington

Cheap clay poker chips do not mean that they are going to break apart or be disfigured. When people think of clay, they think of frail flower pots that are made in a ceramics class. Clay poker chips are nothing like that; expensive or affordable.

Classifying Cheap Clay Poker Chips
Cheap clay poker chips mean that you are paying less for them. Most people are unaware of how expensive decent clay poker chips are. For the basic chips, you are looking at spending around one hundred dollars. This includes a nice carrying case and a couple of decks of cards. If you shop online, you might be able to find something nice for under one hundred.

When you are looking for poker chips, make sure that you look at the quantity in the set. Some sets might be cheaper because they only have two or three hundred chips. This is not a smart road to go down because a set really should avoid being less than 500 chips. That is the minimum amount for a game of seven players.

If I were you, I would shop around at retail stores and see what the best prices are and the quality of the different brands. This is the best way to get a grasp on what is a good set and what is a great set. Then, you can take your knowledge and compare it with online prices for the same chips. You will be amazed at the hundreds and hundreds of dollars that you can save. The best chips might not be cheap, but the price that you will be paying compared to retail will seem like a steal.

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