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Deck Shufflers
by Thomas Barrington

Deck shufflers are a great way to keep a game flowing or get help shuffling. There are many of us who have problems shuffling for various reasons. A simple and very affordable deck shuffler will make playing cards a snap. It is also very handy for those players who hate shuffling breaks and want a smooth and fast transition.

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The Capabilities of Deck Shufflers
Deck shufflers work with any standard size deck. As long as the cards are in good condition, dry and properly placed then you will have a nicely shuffled deck in no time. The shufflers will not sort cards that are upside down, so make sure that they are facing the right way.

Depending on the version that you buy, you can have up to six decks shuffled at once. This is what you see in Vegas casinos at blackjack and other poker tables where you play against the house. But, you do not have to use the maximum amount of cards that the shuffler will allow. You can use a any amount of decks that you want as long as it is the same amount or less than the maximum.

For games where the dealer rotates, if you have two decks of cards and a deck shuffler, your table will run very efficiently. While one deck is in play, the other deck can be in the shuffler. By the time that that given hand is over, you have a freshly shuffled deck ready to be dealt. There is no lag time or inconsistency in shuffles. Everything is standard and expedient.

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