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Deluxe Oak Poker Tables
by Thomas Barrington

Deluxe oak poker tables represent the top of the line poker tables. This is not for the poker players who pull a table out from storage and unfold it to play, but rather a permanent fixture in your game room or living room. When you go with the oak poker table, you are going to have the classiest set up around.

The most popular Deluxe Oak Poker Tables are going to be full size. There is no need to have a mid sized oak table in your house. If you are going to go for the best, you might as well go all out. A permanent poker table in your house is going to be part of your furniture. Therefore, having the right table means everything. Oak tables feature solid construction, top of the line felt, padded armrest, with all the trimmings and looks of a classy poker table.

There are a few different versions that consumers can buy. First of all, there is the Texas Hold Em set up with a dealer seat in the middle of one of the longer sides. While this table is designed for Hold Em, you can play any game on it. The other versions are just going to be shaped differently and do not generally have a specific space for the dealer. They seat everyone in a similar fashion for poker games that the dealer rotates.

Where to Find Deluxe Oak Poker Tables
There are a few different places that you can find these poker tables. The place that most people would go is to a gaming room store. This is not a bad idea because you might see a few tables on display. But, chances are good that you will be ordering from a catalog that they have on hand in the store. Since they are going to be making money off of the transaction, you are not going to get the best price. This is where you use the internet as your ordering forum and skip the middle man. If you are price conscious, like most of us are, then ordering online just makes sense.

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