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Diamond Theme Poker Chip Sets
by Thomas Barrington

Diamond theme poker chip sets are extremely popular poker sets. The diamond design is versatile enough to be played with any game. If you play poker and rotate the game with the dealer, then you are not going to want a specific game imprinted on your chips. Diamonds are classy and signify poker at its purest.

The Look of Diamond Theme Poker Chip Sets
The look of diamond theme poker chip sets is very classy. It is a simple design with solid colors. Around the outside there are small diamond figures (same as you would see on a card). There are 18 diamonds accentuating the outside rim of each chip. On the colored chips, the diamond is white. On the white chips, the diamond can be the color of your choice, but I have seen it most commonly as blue.

The weight and size are casino standard. In this certain set, they have a metal insert to add strength and allow hotstamping. These chips feel much more expensive than they actually are. The surface is glaze coated to prevent any water damage or tampering. If they get dirty, a simple rub with warm water and soap will clean them right off.

You can choose the amount of chips in the set. They range from 300 chips and up. The most common is 500 chips because that is the necessary amount for a game with seven players. They come all together in an elegant aluminum carrying case and a few decks of cards. The nicer sets will have a section holding dice for those who like to change the game up once in a while.

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