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Dice Cup Sets
by Thomas Barrington

Dice cup sets are a great way to keep your dice and your game together. Dice tend to get lost and abused when they are out of a container. When you have a set to hold your dice, as well as aid you in throwing them, you are organized and prepared.

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Typical Dice Cup Sets come with five matching dice. The cup can be made out of many different materials, including plastic, leather and suede. The lid will securely hold your dice until you decide to take it off. Even though dice sets are very inexpensive, they can add a certain level of class to your gaming tables.

Some people like rolling dice from their bare hands while others prefer the cup. The inside of most cups is going to be a very soft cloth. This will give you a great feel when shaking the dice within the cup. Your hand will fit nicely over the top to prevent the dice from flying out and a one sided opening to get a good throw out.

Styles of Dice Cup Sets
There are a few different styles to choose from. The biggest differences lie in the material and the imprinting. For example, a common set will have "Las Vegas" or "Hi Roller" written on the outside. You can find just about any slogan that is related to gambling or Las Vegas in a multitude of colors.

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