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Full Size Poker Tables
by Thomas Barrington

Full size poker tables are for the really serious players. Depending on which version you decide on, you are looking at a table that is up to ten feet long. Although this is the table for ten person plus Texas Holdem, it is still a poker table. If you host games consistently then it might be a good idea to get a full sized table.

All poker tables are going to have a padded felt top. If they don't, then it is not a table worth getting. Full sized tables will hold between eight and ten players comfortably. This means that they will have arm rests, drink holders and chip organizers right in front of them. Full size tables give them space so players do not feel like they are shoulder to shoulder.

Versions of Full Size Poker Tables
Full size poker tables come in a few different forms. First of all, there is the permanent table. This has a wood base, usually oak, and has the professional look and feel. These high quality tables are designed for people who have permanent space and use for a poker table. Most of them are going to be higher quality than you see in a casino.

The next type is the folding tables. These are still very nice tables but can fold up and be stored. You have to think about where you are going to store it prior to purchase. If you have a place, getting a straight table would be great. If not, then you might have to get one that not only folds in the legs but also the middle of the table. Both are great pieces for any poker fanatic, but I would go for the full slate.

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