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Poker Chips
by Thomas Barrington
Poker Chips
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Poker chips bring a higher dimension to the table. Playing poker without chips is difficult and amateur. When you play without chips, you are just going to be shuffling around coins and bills, making every single game and bet more complicated. Chips are there to simplify everything from buying in and keeping track of your money to betting and cashing out.

When you go to play poker at a casino, you are going to have to buy in for a minimum amount. They will in turn give you the corresponding amount of money in Poker Chips. In most casinos, the chips will be worth one dollar. This keeps things simple and makes betting very easy. You always know what you are betting and the value of each chip on the table.

How Poker Chips Make At Home Games Run Smoothly
When you are organizing a poker game, everyone is not going to show up with broken down bills and/or a pocket full of change. If you are playing for increments under one dollar, then poker chips are a must. You do not want to win $30 in quarters and dimes. Instead, everyone just brings dollar bills and you give them chips that represent a certain value. At the end of the game, you are going to count up your chip total and sell it back to the banker. You will then get your money back in dollar bills rather than loose change.

Different Levels of Poker Chips
Las Vegas poker chips are going to have to be top of the line. These are clay chips that are specially designed to be identical to one another and nearly impossible to counterfeit. You can see and feel the quality as you have them in your hand. They are weighted evenly for classy play. Vegas spends a lot of money designing and making their chips.

Just because you are not a professional casino does not mean that you cannot have professional grade poker chips for your home play. This means that you can have top of the line clay chips with just about any design. The color schemes and styles come in a very wide variety. Once you get your hands on these chips, you will think that you are in Vegas.

Plastic poker chips are good enough for many people. They are very affordable and durable. But you must admit that they lack a bit of professionalism. They are great for camping or teaching the kids how to play poker, but when you get into real games with decent stakes, having clay poker chips is almost a must. They are the real deal when it comes to chips.

Buying Poker Chips in Sets
Poker chip sets are the best way to buy your chips. When you are shopping for chips, make sure that you know how many chips are necessary in order to host the game that you plan on playing. There are a certain amount of chips necessary for different amounts of players. For example, to properly distribute chips to seven people, you are going to need a minimum of 500 chips. This is a great size for the people who host poker night.

You will notice that poker chips can be pretty expensive. This is especially true when it comes to nice clay sets. If you want to get the discount prices on top of the line products, you are going to have to shop online. These retailers have their ways of keeping overhead down to minimize the price. Just because you do not pay full price does not mean that they will be any less quality.

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