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James Bond Theme Poker Chip Sets
by Thomas Barrington

James Bond theme poker chip sets are modeled off of the high class chips that you see in a James Bond movie. Bond signifies risk and danger. Those are two qualities of a good game of poker. While you might not be bond, you can own the same quality chips that he used.

What Makes Up James Bond Theme Poker Chip Sets
James Bond theme poker chip sets are considered the best in the world. The manufacturer is the same person who makes the chips for Las Vegas casinos. The procedure to design and produce these chips is identical. You will find it hard to locate higher quality clay poker chips.

Unlike other poker chips, these have the value of the chip printed on the front. The denominations are chosen by the purchaser. This allows you to have set dollar amounts on your chips as they do in Vegas. Since you are setting the amount, you can choose up to seven dollar amounts. The label is coated to prevent any peeling and staining. They are washable with warm water and light soap.

Bond poker chips are some of the most expensive on the market. Therefore, they come in an extremely elegant oak carrying case. The inside holders are removable in 100 count derivations for easy distribution. The price rules out most people from buying these chips, but if you can afford it they are worth every penny.

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