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Las Vegas Poker Chips
by Thomas Barrington

Las Vegas poker chips have to be very special. Think about what they stand for and the value that the hold. Each casino has unique and intricate chips to promote their casino as well as keep security high. If people could counterfeit poker chips, casinos could lose millions and millions of dollars.

Next time you go to Vegas and gamble, take a good look at the chips. Notice the material that they are made out of. If you can, compare different casinos chips. You will notice that they are all pretty similar in weight and materials. They design is well executed and each chip should be identical. The poker chips are a very expensive part of the gambling process for casinos.

Types of Las Vegas Poker Chips
There are a few different types of Las Vegas Poker chips that you are going to see. First off, there are the chips that are used at tables such as Pai Gow Poker and other such table games. These are going to have varying values that are represented by their color and the number on the front. These are the chips that are designed to be monitored and nearly impossible to counterfeit.

The other type of chip is the one that you see at the designated Hold Em and Stud tables. These are going to be a little less intricate and only hold a value of a dollar. The value is too low for many people to risk using fake chips plus many casinos make you color in at the table prior to joining and as you leave. Bringing in a decent amount of dollar chips is nearly impossible. This is why these chips are plainer but still promote the casino and hold monetary value.

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