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Mid Size Poker Tables
by Thomas Barrington

Mid size poker tables generally will sit five to six comfortably. There are tables that are considered mid sized that will hold the full eight, but you are you going to be in a tight squeeze. These tables are perfect for people who have a limited space to get a game going. A full size table is not easy to find room for in any home.

Features of Mid Size Poker Tables
Mid Size poker tables are generally in a round shape. They might have sides cut out to give each person the same amount of space. There are tables with cup holders and chip slots and ones without. It all depends on what type of style that you prefer. This sized table with designated spots can limit the number of players.

Most mid size tables are folding. They are the perfect size to pack up and put away when you are not playing and pull out and set up when it is time. Since they are not too big, it is easier to find a place to store them. Some full size tables have to be folded in half to be stored, which makes the table have undesirable qualities.

Most poker players do not need a full size table. Poker games are generally limited to seven players which kind of makes a ten person full sized table useless to any game but Holdem. At home gamblers are completely content playing on mid sized tables.

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