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Plastic Poker Chips
by Thomas Barrington

Plastic poker chips are the affordable way to have a real game of poker. There are many different versions of poker chips on the market. Most of them seem to be rather expensive for the purpose that they hold. Plastic chips have the same usefulness with extra durability at a much lower cost.

The classic Plastic Poker Chips come in red, white and blue. Just about everyone who has played poker has used or seen this type of chip. They are very lightweight and can handle heavy play without any problems. You will notice that a majority of plastic chips have grooves in them. This design helps to keep them stacked up nicely being that they are much lighter than clay chips.

Plastic chips can be used in any situation. Many people host their games using these chips. Since they are affordable and practically indestructible, parents have no problem letting their children use them. They are ideal for travel and camping because they are very light and easily cleaned. But, for the avid gambler, plastic chips just do not hold the prestige of the professional clay versions.

Customizing Plastic Poker Chips
Since these chips are so inexpensive and very durable, many people like to customize their chips. This could be for a promotion or just to have for your own enjoyment. You can have them made in just about any fashion that you desire.

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