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Poker Chip Cases
by Thomas Barrington

Poker chip cases help you organize, transport and protect your poker chips. Anyone who is serious about poker has a decent set of chips. This means that you have spent a pretty penny on your hobby. Cases are designed to keep them in tip top shape for years of flawless play.

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Wide Variations of Poker Chip Cases
Poker chip cases come in just as many varieties as poker chips themselves. You can get a wooden case with a nice finish for a classy look. Then, there is the aluminum with reinforced steel cases that have a very professional look. If you want a nice case but do not want to drop a fortune on it you can get copper cases. All will be very affective in organizing and holding your chips.

The interior of cases offer many more options. The most common have the standard hard plastic racks. The inner lid is generally made of felt or velvet. Depending on what you prefer and the games that are most commonly played, some poker fanatics enjoy having cases with removable trays. This will let players organize their chips during the games.

The size of your case should directly reflect the amount of chips that you have. For people who are new to the poker scene, there is a general rule of how many chips should be in a set. For larger games, you are going to need more chips. Do not make the mistake of buying a small case then realize that it is not big enough for the number of chips necessary for your group of players.

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