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Poker Chip Sets
by Thomas Barrington

Poker chip sets are necessary in order to get a real game of poker going at home. Chips make the game go much smoother as well as bring a real feel to the table. There are many different varieties of poker chips that come in all price ranges, colors and sets.

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Finding the Right Poker Chip Sets for Your Level of Play
Poker chip sets cover a wide range of qualities and prices. You can get a set of poker chips for a few dollars at the local merchandise store. These are ones that are for less serious players, children or camping. They will serve the purpose you desire but they take away a lot of the feel of playing poker.

The more expensive sets are made of clay. They have a heavy and balanced feel to them; just like the chips you see at real casinos. They sound, look and feel professional because they are professional. These chips are going to be rather expensive and only sold online and at specialty shops. You can get them custom made and imprinted to say what you want them to.

No matter what level of set you decide to buy, make sure that there are at least three different colors. Most sets come with a standard three color set so that you can have three different values. This will help betting different amounts and changing antes easier. For more advanced or higher limit games, you might want a set that has five colors so that you can have a few big money chips.

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