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Poker Chip Trays
by Thomas Barrington

Poker chip trays make stacking and organizing your chips much easier. While having your money in piles in front of you looks good, it makes for a mess and a difficult time keeping track of how much money you have. Trays are an ammentity that is not necessary but seems to make everyone's life just a little easier.

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Depending on the tray that you choose, it is going to either hold chips in rows of twenty or twenty-five. Make sure that you count the chips to know just how much you have on each row. Buying trays is a common way to buy in making it very important to know what they are worth so you know that you have the amount of money that you bought in for.

In many casinos, there are going to be trays built into the table. This is for the convenience of the players. You buy in on a tray then organize your money in the permanent tray. Once you are finished, you will then re-rack your chips in the original tray. There are going to be many rows in the tray as a whole, carrying different total amounts.

Poker Chip Trays for Your Poker Set
People who host games love the fact of having poker chip trays inside their case. This enables them to organize the chips in the case for storage. Then, when you are ready to play, you just pull the trays out and distribute them to the players. When clean up time is near, just put the chips back in the trays and your chips are ready to be stored. It is the logical way to by your poker chip sets.

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