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Poker Playing Videos
by Thomas Barrington

Poker playing videos can be the answer to your consistent losing or average play. Poker is a very in depth game. Just knowing the rules and power structure of hands does not mean that you are a good player. You have to develop a strategy and learn how to play the table as well as your hand.

What You Get From Poker Playing Videos
Poker playing videos will teach you (by example and breaking down hands and strategies) how to get a feel for your opponents and how to play each hand. Most videos will tell you what level they begin at. If you are new to the game and want to learn from the beginning then you should get a beginners video. Players with knowledge of the game should get a more advanced video or one that covers all levels of play.

Trying to guess what our opponents have is very important. Reading their hand and actions can tell you whether to stay in or fold. This might sound simple but it is actually rather difficult. Videos have the capability of teaching you how to look at a player, their betting habits and have an understanding of what they are trying to do.

When you are out looking for the right poker instructional videos, make sure that you know what games that you play. There are many videos designed for each type of game as well as combinations of many games. The most popular videos teach you how to play Texas Hold EM, either tournament style or regular. If this is not the way you play then find the video that corresponds with your gaming.

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