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Professional Poker Dealer Kits
by Thomas Barrington

Professional poker dealer kits make it easy for a dealer to run a smooth game. Experienced players can easily read a table, where each position is and each player's status by just looking at the table. The kits are very simple but completely necessary in order to keep a game under control and in harmony.

What Comes in Professional Poker Dealer Kits
The contents or professional poker dealer kits vary from style of play. The basic kits are going to contain a few decks of cards, a dealer button, a kill button, and a cut card. This is for tables that generally play games such as Stud and Draw.

The most commonly purchased poker dealer kit is for Texas Hold Em. This kit comes with everything that you need for Hold Em as well as every other basic poker game. Basic kits tend to not be capable of dealing Hold Em. Therefore, getting this kit would take care of all your dealer needs in one purchase.

Hold Em kits come with a couple decks of cards, a cut card, dealer button, small blind button, large blind button, missed blind button, and kill button. The buttons will go in front of each player according to their positioning (rotating each time). So, when you are large blind, you will have that button in front of you. After the hand, you will rotate the button clockwise. This will let everyone know who is who and what to be ready for.

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