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Roulette Felt Layouts
by Thomas Barrington

Roulette felt layouts bring a roulette board to your home. If you have a roulette table with a wheel, you can replace old felt and have a newer looking table. If you just have a wheel and need a way to place bets, using a layout will give you this ability.

Anyone who has played roulette knows that you have to have a precisely designed board in order to place bets. There are so many betting options in roulette that the only way to accurately keep track is to have the physical places to put your money. While it is not common to see people have roulette capabilities in their home, it does not mean that it cannot be done.

The roulette layouts are generally made of very high quality and durable felt. This is because most consumers use the felt as a cover and do not have a permanent table. Therefore it is going to be going all over the place; folded up and stored for future use. Layouts that are low quality will not last long.

Buying the Right Roulette Felt Layouts
Roulette felt layouts are going to come in a few sizes and colors. Getting the full sized layout is always a good idea so that there is ample room to derivate between bets (this is especially important inside because you can bet on line corners and individual numbers). People with standard size chips should get the standard layout to ensure proper play.

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