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Royal Poker Playing Cards
by Thomas Barrington

Royal poker playing cards are top of the line. These cards are designed to be used over and over in just about every atmosphere. Their quality is hard to compete with as they are both durable, good looking and washable.

Most playing cards are not washable. This is because they are made from coated paper. When they get wet, they get ruined. This means that a simple moisture ring from a cold beverage could ruin a deck. With one card waterlogged, everyone has the ability to spot it in someone's hand. This is why many casinos and home poker players prefer to use thin plastic cards.

You might initially think that plastic cards will feel and play differently than the traditional paper cards. This is far from the truth. They are just as flexible as paper cards, only much more durable. They will keep the glossy shine and last much longer than the cards made by Bicycle and other paper brands.

Royal Poker Playing Cards Are Worth the Price
While Royal Poker Playing cards might be a little more expensive than the run of the mill cards, they will last much longer and play better. You will get much more out of them, (well worth the dollar or two extra). When you buy by the dozen, you will save considerably, bringing the price down to less quality competitors.

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