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Striped Dice Poker Chip Sets
by Thomas Barrington

Striped dice poker chip sets are a design on the actual chip. This is one of the most popular variations of poker chips because everyone likes the look of dice. It signifies gambling in many different levels. If you are looking for the classic look to your clay poker chips, this might be right up your ally.

Why Striped Dice Poker Chip Sets Are so Popular
Striped dice poker chip sets have everything that you need in one set. First of all, the set is generally going to be a 500 chip set with five different colors. They will not be equally distributed as two colors will have 150 chips and two with 50. This is to designate two colors with high values and two with low values. This chip count is perfect for any normal game of poker with seven players or less.

When you look at the chips, you will see little dice imprinted between stripes. The basic color of the chip will vary, but the second color will usually be white. The dice outline and dots will also be white. This is a classic look when the chips are out of the case as well as in the case. The colors are distinct and look nice lined up.

The typical set will always come with a case. It is generally going to be aluminum with steel reinforcements. It is very classy but can be upgraded to solid woods such as oak. Inside the case will have a set of dice and two decks of cards. This will allow you to have everything that you need for a successful gambling night with your friends.

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