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Friday, July 16th, 2004
Casino Ranking
Casino Ranking
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There are web sites that are readily accessible that specialize in casino ranking. This is very useful information for people who are interested in online gaming. There is a bit of hesitation on the part of most people to put their hard earned money into an online casino. Having a reliable casino ranking system adds peace of mind to the fact that you are putting money into the best casinos.

Online Casino Ranking is very different than Las Vegas casino ranking. When you read ratings about live casinos, the writers are taking into account much more than the actual gaming. Those reports focus more on the hotel, resort, and clientele. These things are completely irrelevant if you are just looking for gambling.

Online Casino Ranking
An online casino ranking site will sum up all the important information that you need to know about a casino. This includes things like current promotions and cash giveaways. I would recommend not getting too concerned with the promotions, because a great promotion is not always the sign of a good casino.

Some promotions will even double the amount you put into a casino. Of course, there is a limit to the amount that they will double, and it is usually around fifty to a hundred dollars. Others will give you a percentage bonus on the amount that you put in, once again up to a certain amount.

Cashing in on Promotions
If you get a cash bonus from a promotion, you cannot just cash out immediately. There is usually a minimum amount of hands played before you can cash out. Some will not even let you cash out what you put in before you play a certain amount of hands. This is why it is important to read the entire promotion description.

A casino ranking site will have all the highlights of given promotions laid out plainly for you, so that you do not have to read through mounds of material to find it. Casinos also have different payouts. This is actually true for live casinos as well. Slots are programmed to pay out different amounts, and even though it seems a random shot, it is actually a computer chip controlling the game.

It is impossible to tell which slots are programmed to payout more than others in a live casino. But online payouts can be tracked much more easily than in live casinos. Casino ranking sites have a rather reliable tracking of casino payouts and will provide this information to you.

Different Casino Rankings
There will be different rankings for different types of casino. For example, the site that runs the best card gaming casino might not have the best poker room as well. Each ranking will be for the appropriate gaming type.

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