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Friday, July 16th, 2004
Betting Online

Many people prefer betting online to making bets in person. Players that are serious about winning often say that they would rather take up betting online than venturing to actual casinos. It is clear that the hardest part about gambling is knowing when to stop.

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Everyone has a story of a time that they were up hundreds of dollars and then lost it all. This is partly because it is hard to get everyone to stop playing at the same time in a live casino. When you make a trip to Las Vegas, there is always someone who wants to play "just one more hand." After about ten "one more hands" you figure you might as well sit back down and keep gambling.

Strategies for Betting Online
The best strategy for betting online is to stop when you are up a certain amount. This is best if it is a predetermined amount. If you start off gambling with fifty dollars, you may want to stop when you get to either twenty or eighty dollars. By stopping I mean that you at least take a break for an hour, or at the very least switch games.

If you have the self control to do this, you will find that you will do very well at online betting. Most people start off by winning money right when they sit down. If they were to stop immediately, then those huge losses you hear about would be much less frequent.

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