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Friday, July 16th, 2004
Casino Bonus

Almost all gambling sites will give you a casino bonus when you sign up. Not all the bonuses are the same though, and they can actually vary quite greatly. Some casinos offer to double whatever you put in, while others just give you ten to twenty percent.

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There are usually limits on how much they will double though. You will not find a Casino Bonus that will match the one-thousand dollars that you sign up with, but you will certainly find ones that will match a fifty dollar deposit. There are also bonuses that are available the longer you play on a site.

Collecting a Casino Bonus
You cannot just sign up with a casino, get the bonus, then cash out. There are a certain number of bets that you have to place before you can cash out. This stops people from signing up just for the bonus.

You can also get a casino bonus if you refer a friend to the casino. Some casinos will give you a flat rate for the bonus, and others will give you a percentage of your referrals sign up amount. These bonuses can be cashed immediately, but most people like to play a bit before cashing it.

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