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Friday, July 16th, 2004
Casino Review

It is a good idea to look at a casino review before you start gambling. This holds true for both live casinos and online casinos. Finding an unbiased casino review on a live casino is very difficult. A casino review is often written by an employee of the casino and put in their brochure. Also, a casino review for a live casino is probably going to deal more with the accompanying hotel and resort.

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This is not necessarily the case for online casinos. There are many opinions and messages posted about online casinos. You can usually find a Casino Review for any given site rather quickly. Good places to check are message boards, where people post personal reviews from their experiences.

Casino Review Sites
There are also sites that specialize in providing casino reviews. The benefit of looking at these is that they will compare several casinos together. They are also written by unbiased people, who do not have anything invested in any one site.

If you have been gambling at a site that you particularly like, or one that you had a bad experience, you should go ahead and post your own casino review. Online sites spread over message boards as opposed to word of mouth. By posting your review you ensure that online sites make play enjoyable so that they can attract future customers.

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