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Friday, July 16th, 2004
Free Casinos

There are several free casinos available that cost nothing to sign up with. In fact, most sites will even give you a cash bonus when you sign up as an incentive. These free casinos also offer play money areas where you can practice before betting with real money. This way you do not have to lose money while getting the hang of playing on free casinos.

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Playing with play money is great for practice, but people tend to make different decisions when they know there is nothing real riding on it. They prefer to gamble more and make bets that are long shots. In order to really practice with play money, you should pretend as if you actually had something at stake in the game. Then you will be better able to judge how you would do in the real money section of Free Casinos.

Free Casinos Prizes
There are poker casinos which give you the chance to win much more than just cash prizes. You can win fully paid vacations, cars, even houses. You can also guarantee yourself on the world poker tour if you are good enough to win a few online tournaments.

The 2003 world champion of poker won his seat in the tournament by playing in free casinos online. The total prize was over two million dollars. This is not bad considering it only cost him fifty to enter into the online tournament that gave him a chance to compete for the entire cash prize. Free casinos also have progressive slots, which means that you have a chance to win really big at anytime, since the jackpot keeps getting bigger till someone hits it.

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