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Friday, July 16th, 2004
Free Gambling Sites

There are many free gambling sites that are available for you to practice on. There are two main types of free gambling sites. There are ones that are run as the "play money" version of a real casino, and other ones that are purely play money such as Yahoo games.

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If you are interested in just playing the casino games, then either type of the Free Gambling Sites will work. If you want to practice for real casino games, then it would be better to play with play money on a real casino site. This way you have a chance to get used to the layout of a real online casino.

Advantages of Starting with Free Gambling Sites
I would suggest always playing for free on a site before you sign up for a real account. Some sites just are not very user friendly. They may have good promotions, and nice graphics, but the gameplay is rough and hard to use. If you test out the real casinos using their free gambling sites, then you do not have to deal with depositing money into a site that you do not like.

Also, different sites have different standards that they expect from their players. Some sites will ban people who use vulgar language in their chat windows. This is nice if you prefer to play in an enjoyable environment, instead of a filthy online virtual room.

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