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Friday, July 16th, 2004
Free Online Casino

Playing on an online free casino is a great way to bring the gaming of Las Vegas into your own home. Just about every casino game you can imagine is available over the Internet. Even hard to find Las Vegas games, such as casino war, can be found on a free online casino.

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Casino war is probably the simplest of all casino games. The dealer will deal everyone at the table a card, and then himself one. If your card is higher than the dealers, then you win double whatever you bet. If you want to gamble, and not have to worry about a game with several rules, casino war is the perfect thing.

Free Online Casino Gaming
A free online casino will usually give you the opportunity to tour their site and play with play money. This way you can see if the games they have will serve your gambling cravings. Some casinos specialize mainly in card games and slots, while others have elaborate craps and roulette tables that make you think you are actually standing inside a live casino.

There are two good ways to go about picking a free online casino. One way is to search around until you fine one that you are comfortable with. The problem with this is that there are so many that your eyes might fall out when trying to preview them all. Another way is to go by others recommendations. There are several sites available that specialize in rating online casinos and will have users comments about the positive and negative aspects of each.

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