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Friday, July 16th, 2004
High Stakes Poker

High stakes poker is the game in its purest sense. There is a reason that the same poker players consistently do well, and others never have a chance. If poker was simply luck, then you would figure that everyone would fair about evenly. Poker has a lot of skill to it, and it is magnified in high stakes poker.

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The higher the stakes get, the less prone one is to lose to another player's lucky hand. If you are playing low stakes poker, people do not mind throwing in a couple of dollars to try and catch a lucky card. In High Stakes Poker, people are way more likely to throw away a hand early, instead of losing hundreds in the process.

Advantages of High Stakes Poker
In high stakes poker, a raise is a legitimate reason to fold. In low stakes limit games, a pre-flop raise may be as low as a dollar, which is usually never enough to get the bad hands out. In a high stakes game, someone holding a bad starting hand would be much less likely to call a hundred dollar raise.

The less luck there is in poker, the better it is for the good players. Good players often lose to lucky ones, because they only decide to keep playing a hand when they believe they have the best hand at the table. This means that they are susceptible to a worse hand getting lucky as the last card is turned over.

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