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Friday, July 16th, 2004
Internet Casinos

Internet casinos allow you to play professional gambling games from your home computer. Most internet casinos will have a real money and play money option. Both modes use the same exact types of payouts, so you can practice before trying to play with real money.

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Some casino games are a little bit harder to learn than others. One particular game that many people do not understand is craps. Playing with play money on Internet Casinos would be a good way to learn and practice playing before trying to play when real money is on the line.

Craps on Internet Casinos
Playing craps on internet casinos is not always as fun as it is live, but you still get the same rush as when you bet big. The main objective of craps is to hit the point before a seven is rolled. The point is simply the first number rolled after the last point was hit, or a seven was rolled.

For example, someone will start rolling the dice. If she rolled a six, then the point becomes six. The main bet is that the shooter, or person rolling the dice, will roll a six again before she rolls a seven.

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