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Friday, July 16th, 2004
Internet Poker

The most popular internet poker game by far is Texas Holdem. This is the game that professional poker tournament use to determine the best poker players in the world. No limit Texas Holdem is know as the Cadillac of poker because all your chips are at risk on any given hand.

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No limit games are some of the most stressful Internet Poker games there are. The reason for this is that even if you have won the last ten hands, someone can bet you all their chips that you have a better hand, and you can lose your entire stack. The swings in no limit internet poker are sometimes too much for some people to handle.

Internet Poker Tournaments
The best way to play no limit internet poker is in the tournament format. This means that you buy in for a given dollar amount, and you are given a certain number of chips. For example you may buy in for ten dollars and then be given one thousand chips. These chips cannot be cashed in at any time, but can only be used for that tournament's game play.

If you play internet poker tournaments, there is some safety because you can only lose what you bought in for. This means that if you lost all your chips in the above example, you would only lose the ten dollar buy in. If it you sit at a real money table, you could easily lose all your winnings in a few short seconds; a swing which is sure to put many people into quite a bad disposition.

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