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Friday, July 16th, 2004
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You can learn to play casino online games like a pro. There is one method of betting that everyone has come up with at one point in time, that in theory works, but in reality has never paid off. This method involves doubling any losing bet when you play casino online games.

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For example, if your original bet is one dollar and you lost it, your next bet would be two. You continue to double the previous bet until you win and your net gain would be one dollar. The problem with this is that tables have a maximum bet. If you were to Play Casino Online games in hopes of doing this continuously, you would eventually run into that problem.

Play Casino Online Games Like a Pro
When you play casino online games, you are sheltering yourself from many of the problems that come with a live casino. You no longer have to deal with other peoples "expert" advice, and your attention is focused mainly on the game. In a live casino you can easily get distracted by other things, like the cocktail waitress.

In order to play like a pro, you need to learn the odds of the game you are playing. There are always some bets that are that are clearly better than others. This is especially true with craps. In craps there are some bets that will pay you back more for the same exact outcome, and to place the bet on the lower ones would be very foolish.

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