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Friday, July 16th, 2004
Play Poker Online

Here are a few tips to help you win big when you play poker online. Most people will fold their hand when raised if they do not have a very good hand. This is a great thing to know, both in determining what the other player has, and for also stealing some pots.

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Suppose you are in second position, which means that you are the second person to bet. If the first person places a small bet, it is not a bad idea to double that bet even if you do not have good cards. The player who bet first will usually match your bet anyways. When the next card comes down, the player who made the original bet will usually check unless he has a very good hand. At that point a small bet from you is likely to cause him to fold, and the money in the pot will be yours.

Tips To Play Poker Online
When you play poker online, you cannot see the players you are playing against, so you have to use other ways of figuring out what kind of hand your opponent has. One trick that I learned is to use the chat box to your advantage. Lying in the chat box is somewhat against the moral code of the game, but hinting at things is not a problem.

If you have the best possible hand and you want others to bet money, try typing "hmmm" into the chat box as if you are pondering your play. This is a simple thing but many inexperienced players will fall into the trap and hand over their money. These are the little things that you can use to play poker online and win big.

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